Innovation, innovation, innovation, when are we going to focus on progress?

@javi Progress is not a priority. People are too busy with marketing.

“We are the age,
In which the pursuit of all values
Other than
Money, success, fame, glamor
Has either been discredited or destroyed
Money, success, fame, glamor,
For we are living in the age of the thing.”

#freedom #capitalism #advertising #society #ethics #culture

@neoncipher That's totally right, it's a total shame that progress is not a priority.

@neoncipher In your point of view, what can we do to make progress a priority?

@javi The best way to boost progress is to make ALL people benefit from it. Let’s talk about technical progress for example. Open-source hardware is a way to achieve that.
Patents suffocate progress. Scientific papers hidden behind paywalls suffocate progress.

@neoncipher That's right, I guess when you break it by areas gets very interesting, there's not that many companies doing open source hardware but I can see how we can all benefit from it, I will do more research on that.

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