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Sorry about the sudden radio silence but I'm on the hunt for a new job :-)

You should always be able to do what you want with the devices you buy. You own it, you pwn it. But you should never let an organization like Facebook pwn your device so it can watch you use TikTok.

@gxtony It does happen for me once I follow someone from an instance I can see their feed combined with the rest on the federated timeline.

@gxtony I think once you've followed someone from that instance you can see the toots in the federated timeline, at least I think so!

Next time someone tells you they’re a “privacy professional” ask “what kind?”

“Do you get paid to help protect my privacy or to erode it?”

They’ll say “to protect it.”

Then ask them “who pays you? And how do they make their money?” And you’ll get your real answer.

Sometimes I wish I could share the amount of feelings that I had about capitalism and corporate bullshit that occurs on the job!

Some people are so so sucked in the capitalism society that we live in that they can't seem to see anything else. Feel sad for them.

Google/Facebook are to the health of our human rights and democracy what Philip Morris is to the health of our bodies and what Exxon Mobil is to the health of our habitat.

If you’re a doctor, you do not get sponsored by Big Tobacco. If you’re an environmentalist, you do not get sponsored by Exxon Mobil. If you’re a privacy advocate, a human rights activist, or a democrat, you do not get sponsored by Google, Facebook, or any other surveillance capitalist.

It’s that simple.


Facebook is predicting if you'll kill yourself. If it wasn't already bad the amount of influence that they hold over teenagers and vulnerable people now they're coming up with algorithms to predict if you'll kill yourself? When are we going to stop this octopus? We must stop it's tentacles to ruling our society!

Connection Interrupted: Israel’s Control of the Palestinian ICT Infrastructure and Its Impact on Digital Rights

Facebook gets more disgusting every day. Now they've come up with a great idea, why don't we pay vulnerable kids and we can spy on them using a VPN? I mean if we pay them then it's not so bad, isn't it? After all we are here to save the world with our data and our user research, we are the good guys!

@neoncipher That's right, I guess when you break it by areas gets very interesting, there's not that many companies doing open source hardware but I can see how we can all benefit from it, I will do more research on that.

@neoncipher In your point of view, what can we do to make progress a priority?

@neoncipher That's totally right, it's a total shame that progress is not a priority.

Innovation, innovation, innovation, when are we going to focus on progress?

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